Minister Doherty Introduces Significant Change to Jobseeker’s Benefit for Workers in Seasonal, Casual and Part-time Employment

Regina Doherty has announced From New Year’s Day people in receipt of Jobseeker’s Benefit who take on subsidiary seasonal and casual work can earn up to €7,500 a year without impacting their rights to their Benefit.

The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection said:

“I have decided to change the regulations around Jobseeker’s Benefit for workers with subsidiary employment to provide a fairer and more flexible system for people who want to work. The new regulation, which will take effect on New Year’s Day, will allow workers with subsidiary seasonal and casual employment to earn €7,500 a year without it impacting on their rights to Jobseeker’s Benefit when work is scarce.”

The current rate of €12.70 a day for subsidiary work for people who take on such short term employment was last set in 1991. The new rate takes into account price inflation and will allow workers to earn up to €7,500 over a 12 month period or €144 on a weekly basis.

Minister Doherty added:

“In parts of rural Ireland and remote communities in particular, the only work available for some may be seasonal – whether in agriculture, fishing or tourism – and it is only right that we update our supports to allow such workers continue in employment and to sustain seasonal industries.”