Employer FAQs

Simply fill in the Job Listing details, submit them & purchase the appropiate Job Package option, if you have not done so all ready.

If you have purchased the 5 Job Listing Package, you will not be prompted to purchase for the additional 4 Job Listings

We have 3 Job Listing Packages which you can view here

The Job Listings won’t go live until we approve them.

If you require more Job Listings and have no credits remaining then it will prompt you to purchase credits again.

We will create 1200×628 eye catching images for the social media posts. We will use your branding in the images where possible.

When a position is filled from your Job Listing just log in and navigate to the Job Listing and mark the position as filled. This will prevent more applications. If you have your email in the details of the listing, you should remove it,

If you would like additional features, or would like more FAQs…etc drop us an email

Email – info@realjobswexford.ie